Leonardo Carbone

Historical & Fantasy Clothing

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Well known in Germany for their affordable, comfortable, and sturdy period clothes, Leonardo Carbone offers a wide selection of historical and fantasy clothing. From the Early Middles ages to the Renaissance and the Golden Age of piracy. Their clothes cover many styles and can suit many character concepts in LARP or historical re-enactment, as well as SCA. Leonardo Carbone uses natural materials for an authentic texture and finish.


Viking Tunics

Tunics & blouses


Medieval Shirts & Blouses

Tunics & Shirts

Warm & Thick

Capes et capuchons de laine

Cloaks & Hoods


Boots & Sandals

Leonardo Carbone presents a selection of affordable leather boots and sandals for LARPers and re-enactment enthusiasts. There is no longer any excuse to forget about the decorum of your footwear. 

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